What is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is bond between an insurer person and the company who provide insurance and they promise to pay the precise sum of money after the death of the insured person. Life insurance designed to protect the family by providing enough covers as benefits.

Need for Life Insurance :

Insurance is needed because it financially helps the policy owner family after the loved ones death. If person loss the income, then life insurance covers all the loss depending on the policy the person choose. Life insurance is a solution to provide a secure life to the policy owner family. It is unique investments that help to meet the needs like:
Protecting Assets.
Saving Life important goal.

Benefits of Life Insurance

  • Life Insurance offers tax benefits.
  • A few product offers loan against plan.
  • Retirement plan offers.
  • Family financial condition is secure on the death of the policy holders.
  • A Life Insurance product offers for different life stages.

Life Insurance : Different Plans

Life Insurance covers different types of plans:

Term Plan:

Term Plan covers risk during the selected phase of time. It is much less expensive as compared to others plan. It has:
1. Protector Plan.
2. Protector Plus Plan.

Whole Life Insurance :

Whole Life Insurance or Permanent Life Insurance risk covers for the whole life of the policy owner. It has :
Vision Plan.

Child Plan :

This plan gives the best future and fulfills other needs of growing children. It just covers the risk on the life of the child. It has :
Dream Child Plan
Bachat Child Plan.

Retirement Plan :

This plan helpful when person has no earning income from employment or when he got retirement from job. This plan helps the retired person to give money in the form of pension to fulfill the basic requirements. It has :
Dream Life Plan.
Classic Life Plan.

Unit Linked Insurance Plan :

ULIP offers returns on investments. It provides cover against death. This plan offers long term saving with maximum benefits. It has :
Dream Endowment Plan.
Foresight Plan.
Future Protect Plan.
Future Protect Plus Plan.