On or Before
5thPay Your Service Tax. (For Assessee other than Proprietorship and Partnership)
7th1. Pay amount of TDS Deducted in Last Month
2. Submit copy of 15 G Received in Prior Month.
15th Pay First Installment of Advance Tax (Only Corporate Assessee)
15thPay the Amount of PF Contribution.
15thPay amount of Professional Tax Deducted from Employees Salary of the Previous Month and submit MONTHLY Return thereof.
21stPay Contribution under ESIS for the previous month.
22ndPay your VAT for previous month
25thSubmit Monthly Return of Contribution in respect of PF & ESIS
30th Submit Monthly Return of VAT
30th Submit TDS Return(Other than TDS From Salary)
30th Submit VAT Annual Return
30th Submit VAT Audit Report